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So, how’s the new book coming?

Glad you asked

Let me start by saying this was a great year to see how sometimes taking a step backwards results in a huge leap forward.

Earlier this year I was starting to despair this book was just getting too long. It was just getting longer and more complicated and I wondered if I would ever finish it.

And that’s when it hit me — this wasn’t a stand alone book but a 3-book series.

Everything fell into place at that point.

Of course, the problem was I had to go back and make some adjustments to what I already wrote (not to mention get a little more specific about Book 2 and 3). At the time when I was doing this, I started to despair that this was taking too long and I was going to blow all of my deadlines.

Finally, I just had to surrender. I told myself I would get it done the I got it done and to stop worrying about it.

It wasn’t long after I did that when I started to realize the book writing was going so well I had made up time and yes I should definitely be on track for an April or May launch next year (with the other 2 books in the series launching after that).

I’ll definitely keep you posted.

The Story Behind “The Stolen Twin”

I actually wrote “The Stolen Twin” over 10 years ago. And then I stuffed in a desk drawer (well, to be completely honest, I actually stuffed it into a file on my computer, but that doesn’t have the same impact as stuffing it in a desk drawer) and left it there for over 10 years.

So, why did I do that? When I took the time to dig around and figure out the answer, I actually surprised myself.

If you too have an unfinished creative project lurking about, what I share may help you get that project finished and launched into the world as well. (And I sincerely hope it doesn’t take you as long as it did for me.) Enjoy!