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Welcome to Redemption, Wisconsin!

Or maybe you’d prefer Riverview, Wisconsin?

Despite being less than an hour apart, Redemption and Riverview are two very different towns.

Redemption is a small, haunted town full of secrets and a very troubling past that continues to wreak havoc to this day.

Riverview is a much larger college town, not much different than other college towns.

Or … is it?

In this collection of mysteries, you’ll have the chance to explore some of the many secrets buried in both of these towns, including The Secret Diary of Helen Blackstone, A Grave Error, Today I’ll See Her, Mine and more. You’ll have a chance to experience for yourself both the light side and the dark side of Redemption along with additional bonus content.

If you’re ready, your journey begins here.

“A fantastic chilling novel that kept me on the edge of my seat. This authors detail is to be applauded! I read
this in a sitting and couldn’t put it down.” Jackie

“Short, suspense/mystery that can be read in one sitting. Recommend for anyone who wants a good, quick mystery.” Melissa

“Suspenseful little story that is really well written. I enjoyed this book. The author pulls you in and keeps you wondering how things will work out all in diary form.” Janice

“Good ghost story without all the gore you usually get. Charlie is a woman with a mind all her own. She decides what she’s going to do and listens to no one else’s opinion. Of course, that doesn’t mean she won’t drag one of her many friends along with her. Well done Michele.” Goodreads reviewer

“Really cute short story about a graveyard in Redemption. Are gargoyles real? Hmmm, good question.” Goodreads reviewer

Note: If you’d rather get just the 3 main stories for free without the bonus content or additional details walking you through the Redemption/Riverview world, click here.

For more on how all three series fit together, start here.

In a book club? You can download book discussion questions here.

Free Novella! “The Secret Diary of Helen Blackstone”


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