Short Stories & Fiction

Excerpt: “The Taking”

The Taking Chapter 1 It started like any other day. My alarm woke me, dragging me out of an exhausted, unsatisfying sleep. Between my night terrors and inability to quiet my mind, it was a constant battle to get enough rest. I stumbled to the kitchen to get the first pot of coffee started—I went

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Excerpt: “Loch Ness Murder”

Note: Below is an excerpt from Loch Ness Murder, a standalone cozy mystery in the Charlie Kingsley Mystery series. Chapter 1 “Wait, which monster did you say you wanted to document again?” Nancy’s voice floated across the lobby as I pulled open the door to the Redemption Inn, a charming bed and breakfast. It was

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Excerpt: “Murder Next Door”

Murder Next Door Chapter 1 “Charlie!” Mildred, my tea customer, opened her door and ushered me inside, straight into a cloud of floral perfume so strong, I could feel my eyes watering. Her blue pantsuit was clean and pressed, and her grey, permed hair looked freshly styled, like she had just returned from the hairdresser.

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Murder Next Door

Excerpt: “Ice Cold Murder”

Ice Cold Murder Chapter 1 “Are you out of your mind?” Pat’s hand paused mid-air, chocolate chip cookie halfway to her mouth as she stared at me, eyes wide. Forsaking her cookie like that, I knew she was serious. “She asked,” I said matter-of-factly. “I’m being a good friend.” “You’re being insane,” Pat muttered as her

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