Books in Order

Michele Pariza Wacek Books In Order

Secrets of Redemption

Must be read in order.

It Began With a Lie

This Happened to Jessica

The Evil That Was Done

The Summoning

The Reckoning

The Girl Who Wasn’t There (tentative release date January 2023)

The Room at the Top of the Stairs (tentative release date May 2023)

The Secret Diary of Helen Blackstone (prequel but can be read at any time).

The Third Nanny is a standalone, separate book.


Charlie Kingsley Mysteries

Can be read as standalones, but you may enjoy the series more reading them in order.

The Murder Before Christmas

Ice Cold Murder

Murder Next Door

Loch Ness Murder (also included in the Mysteries, Midsummer Sun and Murders cozy mystery anthology and can be read as a standalone).

Murder Among Friends

A Wedding to Murder For 

The Murder of Sleepy Hollow

Red Hot Murder (tentative release date April 2023)

A Grave Error (prequel that can be read at any time).


The Riverview Mysteries


The Stolen Twin

Mirror Image

The Taking

Today I’ll See Her (short story).




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