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The final book in the Secrets of Redemption series. Now available for preorder for a June 2024 release.

It seems like everything should be fine. So why isn’t it?

In the aftermath, Becca struggles to pick up the pieces, feeling like things should be easier. After all, they won.

Didn’t they?

Then why are the nightmares back? And why can’t she shake this nagging feeling that something is still out there, watching her, and biding its time to end this dance once and for all?

While this might be the last book in the Secrets of Redemption series, you haven’t seen the last of Redemption! A new spin-off series, The Mysteries of Redemption, is on track to be released at the end of this year (2024).

9 thoughts on “What Wasn’t Forgotten”

      1. Crystal Schellinger

        I can’t wait for June! I’m a little sad this will be the last in the series, but I’m also excited you have a new one coming too.

        1. Same here, Always waited for the next in series and almost did a double or triple take of the previous ones, sorry will be missing Becca and above all Aunt Charlotte

  1. I absolutely LOVE these books, and I’m not at all ready for The Secrets of Redemption series to come to an end!! I’m loving all of your other books too, but so far, Charlie and Becca are my favorite characters. Like you have with Charlie, I’m hoping you keep Becca’s story going so that we don’t have to say goodbye to her completely.

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