• Available: January 28, 2025
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There’s a killer on the loose and Zoey’s sister has disappeared. The problem is Zoey doesn’t know if her sister is a victim … or the killer.

Zoey’s world shattered the night she was attacked. Her fiance was killed, her sister Briar ended up in a coma, and Zoey was left with brain damage.

Then Briar woke up. And everything got worse.

Briar was no longer the sister she remembered. Something had shifted, even as everyone around Zoey told her she was being paranoid.

But when Briar disappeared, after a series of unexplained attacks, Zoey knows she must find her sister … and fast.

Her search takes her to Redemption, Wisconsin, a charming, wholesome Midwestern town.

At least … that was what she thought.

But nothing is ever as it seems in Redemption. And as bad as things were, her nightmare was only beginning …

The Vanished Ones is Book 1 of The Mysteries of Redemption, which is a spin-off series from Secrets of Redemption, but it’s not necessary to read Secrets first. The Mysteries of Redemption begins where Secrets ends, and combines mystery, suspense, psychological thriller and romance (with a dash of supernatural).

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