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New? Start Here

Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here.

My name is Michele Pariza Wacek and I’m an award-winning USA Today bestselling author who writes clean and twisty crimes and mysteries.

I currently write in 3 interconnected series that all take place in the fictional towns of Redemption and Riverview, which are located in southern Wisconsin. The series are:

Secrets of Redemption: My main series and is mainly psychological suspense with a dash of romance and supernatural (think ghosts and haunted houses) although it’s NOT paranormal.

Charlie Kingsley Mysteries: A twisty and funny cozy mystery series set in 199os in Redemption.

The Riverview Mysteries: A crime mystery series mixed with psychological suspense and romance set in Riverview.

For more about how all the books are interrelated, start here.

For a list of all the books in order, go here.

If you’re wondering which book or series to get started with, I would suggest starting with the genre you most prefer. However, if you’re the type of reader who likes to begin at the very beginning, I would start with It Began With a Lie.

Got any questions or want to reach out? Find me at all the places here.

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