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Book 8 in the award-winning Secrets of Redemption

Now available for preorder! December 26, 2023 release date.

Everyone is telling Becca she needs to move on.

Sure, Mia left. And no, no one knows exactly where she is.

But Mia is an adult. And she has good reason to be angry at Becca, so it’s not a huge surprise.

But Becca knows in her gut something is wrong. After all, Mia had been staying in that room … the one at the top of the stairs.

And she wouldn’t be the first person to change for the worse because of it  …

This series should be read in order. Start here with Book 1: It Began With a Lie.

For more on how all three series fit together, start here.

And don’t forget to check out all the short stories, snippets, unpublished excerpts and more in the Secrets of Redemption universe.

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