Welcome to Redemption, Wisconsin …

A place where nothing is as it seems.

My name is Michele Pariza Wacek and I’ll be your tour guide to this strange and mysterious town.

First, tell me which side you prefer. Do you want the light side, where you can enjoy our funny and twisty whodonit cozy mysteries?

Or, would your rather explore the dark side, where who knows what lurks in the shadows?

Regardless of which side you choose, you should know nearly all the books are all clean–no swearing, gore, sex and little violence. They also feature amateur female detectives (think female Sherlock Holmes).

(Mirror Image and The Stolen Twin are the only exceptions: The Stolen Twin has a little swearing and Mirror Image has more, plus a lot of other triggers.)

While Redemption, Wisconsin, is the main attraction, don’t discount Riverview, Wisconsin, which is just up the road from Redemption. Riverview has its own dark side, hidden by a veneer of wholesome, Midwestern, college town.

You can learn more about Riverview here.

All things cozy here.


All things edgy and a little darker here.



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