What Does Charlie think about “Murder Next Door?”

Author note: If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you already know that for every book I release, I do a Story Behind the Story version where I share a little bit about the inspiration and writing of each book. As Charlie always has a lot to say, I thought I’d invite her to share her thoughts as on each book. Take it away Charlie!

Thanks Michele. And let me add, it’s about time.

One of my biggest frustrations with working with Michele is how long it takes her to grasp the bigger picture. It took three books in the Secrets of Redemption series (and a stalled book project that went nowhere) before she finally realized I needed to tell my story.

And, of course, she also thinks it’s just one book, which it wasn’t. (It took two books.)

And, then AGAIN she’s wandering off in the standalone land, when there’s an entire series just waiting for her to dive in. (And don’t get me started about Tori, who is the star of The Taking, that story was never supposed to be a standalone either, but Michele didn’t figure it out until she had written nearly three-quarters of it.)

Anyway, you can read more about why she struggles with series here, but I for one am very glad she is finally getting around to exploring some bigger series arcs starting with Murder Next Door.

There’s just soooo much to talk about in Redemption. Not only is there a lot of history, but there are things that had happened that need more discussion. I’m so excited we’re finally going to be digging into all of that. Stay tuned!

Looking at Murder Next Door specifically, while I know it started as a sort of mashup of Rear Window and Michele’s complicated vampire history, it really turned into something else. If you read the full Secrets of Redemption series, you know I made some … bad choices. (Actually that’s a bit of an understatement–they were pretty terrible choices.)

But, in this book, I finally have a chance to start to atone. Not a lot, you understand. There are things I can’t ever truly atone for. But, at least, in some very small ways, I can start righting at least a few wrongs.

And, the fact I’m living in a town called Redemption, I feel like being offered the chance to redeem oneself is important. I suspect all of us could use a second chance at times, or a way to fix a past mistake, or maybe even the opportunity to do a little good in a world that desperately needs it.

I also enjoyed that Murder Next Door took place in the spring. Definitely prefer Wisconsin when it’s warmer.

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