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So, how’s the new book coming?

Glad you asked

Let me start by saying this was a great year to see how sometimes taking a step backwards results in a huge leap forward.

Earlier this year I was starting to despair this book was just getting too long. It was just getting longer and more complicated and I wondered if I would ever finish it.

And that’s when it hit me — this wasn’t a stand alone book but a 3-book series.

Everything fell into place at that point.

Of course, the problem was I had to go back and make some adjustments to what I already wrote (not to mention get a little more specific about Book 2 and 3). At the time when I was doing this, I started to despair that this was taking too long and I was going to blow all of my deadlines.

Finally, I just had to surrender. I told myself I would get it done the I got it done and to stop worrying about it.

It wasn’t long after I did that when I started to realize the book writing was going so well I had made up time and yes I should definitely be on track for an April or May launch next year (with the other 2 books in the series launching after that).

I’ll definitely keep you posted.

“Mirror Image” Launches Tomorrow! (Plus The Story Behind The Story)

Lots of excitement here in PW land as we’re getting ready for the big launch of “Mirror Image.”

Mirror Image
Mirror Image

You can grab your copy right here.

And, just like “The Stolen Twin,” this novel has quite a backstory too.

It all started when I was a teenager and on a family vacation in New Hampshire. While there, we took an afternoon cruise on one of the local lakes, and that’s were the idea first came to me.

I first thought it was a short story, revolving around Elizabeth taking a lake cruise during a family vacation. (You can read a version of this short story in the novel — it’s one of the “Elizabeth” chapters.)

After I wrote it, I wasn’t really happy with it. Something felt off. Like it wasn’t complete. So, I made it longer and turned it into a novella — still with Elizabeth as the main character. Continue reading “Mirror Image” Launches Tomorrow! (Plus The Story Behind The Story)

The Story Behind “The Stolen Twin”

I actually wrote “The Stolen Twin” over 10 years ago. And then I stuffed in a desk drawer (well, to be completely honest, I actually stuffed it into a file on my computer, but that doesn’t have the same impact as stuffing it in a desk drawer) and left it there for over 10 years.

So, why did I do that? When I took the time to dig around and figure out the answer, I actually surprised myself.

If you too have an unfinished creative project lurking about, what I share may help you get that project finished and launched into the world as well. (And I sincerely hope it doesn’t take you as long as it did for me.) Enjoy!