Riverview, Wisconsin, appears to be a normal, college town. Certainly nothing like that strange, haunted town called Redemption. Everyone knows that Redemption is the problem. But, scratch beneath the surface, and you may discover that Riverview also as a dark underbelly. A series of standalone psychological thrillers, most with a touch of romance. See the books in order here.
The Taking

The Taking

Twenty-four years ago, five-year-old Tori walked into her newborn brother’s room in the middle of the night and discovered a figure abducting him. Except his lifeless body was still in the crib. Or was it?

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Today I'll See Her

Today I’ll See Her

Every day, Sissy goes to the same restaurant at the same time and orders the same thing. No one knows why. Until the day a stranger from a mysterious, haunted town arrives. And nothing will be the same.

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