Best Indie Books 2019 Roundup blog post!

Note that this poll is closed.

I’m excited you’re here!

If you’d like your book to be considered in this Indie Round Up, here are the rules:

1. It has to be an indie press books from 2019

2. It has to be professionally edited with professional cover (My other book lists I’ve read the books, I’m not sure I’m going to be able to do that for this one, BUT I do want to check out your book to make sure it’s professional)

3. You need to promote the blog post in your newsletter (yes you need one although I don’t have a minimum size) and on social media (especially if your list size is low)

4. My genre is a mix of psychological thriller, mystery, suspense, romantic suspense, paranormal and I’m currently working on a new series that is psychological thriller with touches of urban fantasy. That doesn’t have to be YOUR genre, I think it would be fun to include a variety of genres. I know my list also like sci fi and other fantasy as well as other mysteries and thrillers.

In return, you will have a permanent post on my quickly-growing-in-popularity book blog with a link to your book on Amazon. I will promote this blog post to my own 13K list (which is VERY responsive, they love the blog and often check out the books on it) on all my social media accounts including Pinterest as well as linking this post to other applicable future posts.

I will also supply copy for you as well as social media posts and graphics.

Still interested? Then let’s go.

This poll is closed.