Book Bonus Content

Here’s the one-stop shop where you’ll find all the exclusive book bonus content. I’ll keep it updated, so make sure you check back periodically.

Keep in mind there may be spoilers, so you may want to wait until after you’ve read the books to devour it.

The bonus content reveals hints, clues, and sneak peeks you won’t get just by reading the books, so you’ll definitely want to check it out. You’re going to see a side of Redemption and Riverview that is only available here!

Buckle up … this ride is just getting started.

You can find exclusive short stories here.

The Charlie Kingsley Mysteries

Main series

Book 1: The Murder Before Christmas

Bonus scene: Charlie and Pat

Short story: Finding Santa

Book 2: Ice Cold Murder

Bonus short story: The Break In

Book 3: Murder Next Door

Coming soon

Book 4: Murder Among Friends

Deleted scene

Book 5: The Murder of Sleepy Hollow


Book 6: Red Hot Murder

Wyle’s First Day


Loch Ness Murder

Coming soon

A Wedding to Murder For

Coming Soon

A Grave Error

Coming Soon

Secrets of Redemption

Main series

Book 1: It Began With a Lie

Short story: The Missing

Book 2: This Happened to Jessica

Coming soon

Book 3: The Evil That Was Done

Coming soon

Book 4: The Summoning

Bonus scene: Escape from New York

Bonus scene: Annabelle’s Quandary

Book 5: The Reckoning

Bonus scene: Rosie’s Letter

Book 6: The Girl Who Wasn’t There

Coming soon

Book 9: What Wasn’t Forgotten

Bonus scene: What Charlie Did (SPOILER ALERT)


The Third Nanny

Bonus scene: Madison (SPOILER ALERT)

The Riverview Mysteries

The Taking

Coming soon

The Stolen Twin

Coming soon

Mirror Image

Coming soon