[Video Trailer] “Make Them Pay!”

What happens when the bad guys think they’re above the law? We make them pay, that’s what! Check out the book trailer for Make Them Pay, a massive thriller anthology where 22 thriller authors contributed a never-seen-before story. It’s going live on March 15. You can preorder now and download it in Kindle Unlimited on Tuesday. …

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Excerpt: “Make Them Pay”

Make Them Pay is a  thriller anthology that includes 22 never-seen-before stories, including one from me called “Mine,” which takes place in Redemption. Keep reading for a sneak peek: The girl was nervous. Her head kept whipping around as she strode down the darkened street, trying to take in everything at once. The death grip …

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What Bookworms Can Teach Us About Surviving (Even Thriving) During Global Pandemics

With most of us practicing some version of home quarantining and social distancing as the corona virus rages on, there is hope on the horizon. Because the Bookworms are here to save us! Yes, while all those extroverts are busy climbing the walls and making us all crazy with their constant texts and messages, Bookworms …

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You May Be a Bookworm If …

Just because you read a lot doesn’t mean you’re an actual bookworm. Bookworms are a special breed. They’re not just committed to their books, they’re attached. (Like the joke around the eggs and bacon – the chicken is committed but the bacon is attached.) And if you’re wondering if YOU may be one of the …

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