You may be a bookworm

You May Be a Bookworm If …

Just because you read a lot doesn’t mean you’re an actual bookworm.

Bookworms are a special breed. They’re not just committed to their books, they’re attached.

(Like the joke around the eggs and bacon – the chicken is committed but the bacon is attached.)

And if you’re wondering if YOU may be one of the very few who can call themselves a bookworm, check out the following statements below and see if they apply.

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You may be a bookworm if …

You find yourself constantly lying to yourself “I’m going to sleep as soon as I finish this chapter.”

The most common statement you tell your family is “I’m almost done, just let me finish this page.”

Your TBR (To Be Read) list never seems to shrink, no matter how many books you read.

You feel anxious if you don’t have a huge TBR list.

Before Kindles, when you were packing for a trip, you would often find yourself loading up an extra suitcase with books “in case you didn’t feel like reading/ran out of books/didn’t like certain books.”

Before Kindles, you always had a stack of “emergency” books in your house. (What if something happened and you ran out of books?)

Even with a Kindle, you STILL have way too many books in your house.

You would choose curling up with a good book over a party any day.

(Actually you would choose curling up with a good book over leaving the house. Ever.)

Your favorite characters are more real to you than actual humans.

More than that, you love those characters so much you sometimes read those books over and over again. (Sometimes you wish you could crawl into the pages and live there.)

And, finally …

You may be a bookworm if you can’t bear to watch that Twilight Zone episode where the only man left in the world steps on his glasses.

How about you? Any other bookworm-worthy statement I need to mention? Comment below.

24 thoughts on “You May Be a Bookworm If …”

  1. Can’t wait to read another chapter or another book. My husband gets frustrated because I always have my kindle with me and read while the tv is one and says I’m not paying attention to the TV. But I can tell him what is going on in the show.

  2. I read your list, I guess I am a true bookworm. I fit every comment but the last two. And I am proud to admit to it. Char

    1. I am definitely a bookworm along with all the other traits, I also get very cold if the book setting is outside in the winter and have refused luncheon dates because it is a rainy day IN THE BOOK. I do not wish to be in the story, I AM in the story.

  3. You have me pegged! Especially the one about how many books you have. I have over 1000 paperbacks in my house in Wisconsin, and since we winter in Honduras, most of what I read is on the Kindle. My husband would draw the line at packing an extra suitcase just for books! I have over 5000 on the Kindle. We’ve been here since the end of October and I’ve read 45 books since then. I only hope I live long enough to read all of them.

  4. You know you are a bookworm, when you mistakenly call someone the name of your favorite character and then giggle.
    You know you are a bookworm, when you fall in love with the character in a book and want to kill the other character for being with your love.
    You know you are a bookworm, when lay the book against your chest, take a deep breath of the book, and cry because it is over.
    You know you are a bookworm, when asked what you want for you birthday and Christmas you give them a list of books and gift cards for bookstores. (I got 4 books this year and two cards, BnN and Amazon. Yay me, but I already spent them…. ~_ *)
    I am called a bookworm all the time, and I don’t deny it one bit. I love reading and it is my life. You are right about the Twilight episode, so sad.
    When I moved, I had to downsize because my new house was so small, so I went from a room with every wall was bookshelves, down to 4. I cried when I gave the books away, but it was okay they were encyclopedias and health books, and some were from when I was in college. I did donate most of the books to the library.
    But for me, I have doubled my books back up and have them stacked on shelves, in the closet, and all over. teehee My husband will ask, when I purchase new books, if I finished the last books I got. I just look at him and grin.

  5. I am a newbie to being a bookworm ever since my daughter told me about the tablet. 🙂 When I was young I read constantly but then life got in the way as well as eye issues. Well, the tablet opened the door back up so I can once again read because I can control the font size. I tell myself that I have enough e-books to read but I check my emails and I just have to get more. I may never be able to read all the books on my kindle but I still increase the number. I find that most of the above list applies to me.

  6. I fit into every catagory you have listed. I have may books I’ve read over and over. Sometimes I am reading 2-3 books at a time, different books in different rooms or to carry with me for
    waiting rooms. I find it almost impossible to pass a display of books without buying one.

  7. I am a bookworm.

    Another symptom: I am too embarrassed to admit how many books are on my kindle.
    I have books stacked in my attic because I can’t give them away.

  8. OMG! That Twilight Zone episode haunts me. The thought of not being able to read is the worst fear. I am definitely a Bookwirm and proud of it!

  9. That is me! Don’t know how many I have, but my garage is full of boxes of books. When we moved cross country I got rid of a lot of my books and still moved about 30-40 boxes of books. My husband was not pleased, but since some were his, he didn’t say too much. Now I have cut down on the number of physical books, but I have several thousand on my Nook and my Kindle app. It doesn’t help that I have worked in a bookstore for 30 years.

  10. fyi, twilight episode he drops glasses on library steps, does not step on them. just saying 🙂

    i go to Books Anonymous and proudly announce i am a book addict. hmm, probably a bookworm since i fit all these descriptors. i have over 5k books on kindle plus as many in my ku list, even more than my yarn stash, which is SABLE (stash beyond life expectancy) times 5. fortunately reading is faster than knitting/crochet, especially after stroke, but probably TBR is BABLE (books beyond life expectancy) times 3 at least lol

  11. Karin Whitehead

    I have cataracts and had surgery on both eyes. My right eye is fine my left eye is virtually blind. My eye surgeon says it will not get better. I’m homebound with emphysema , heart disease and crohns disease, so reading is my life. If I lose my sight, I’m not sure what will happen. At least, I’ll still be able to use audio books. Last year, on Goodreads, I read a total of 225 books! Yes, you can say, I’m a book worm!

  12. Dolores Richmond

    You know that you are a bookworm when someone excitedly tells you about the new program everybody loves , and you say, “Uh?” Or they explain all about their new computer game and you say, “That’s nice”. Because you haven’t a clue. You’ve been too busy reading and reading and reading. Happily!

  13. I need some control over my TBR. Happy to keep it 50-100… If I don’t read a book then I am disrespecting the author. It’s not enough to have the book; it is necessary to read it.

  14. Proud to be a bookworm!!! My TV is an ornament as I prefer to curl up with a good book. My ex once said that I preferred reading to anything … mmm … true 😂 Books go everywhere with me – bath, toilet, appointments, work for tea and lunch breaks, etc, etc. I love discovering new authors and especially love a book that makes me cry.

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