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Quiz: What Does Your TBR Pile Say About Your Personality?

TBR – To Be Read. Every reader has one of these piles. Maybe it consists of stacks of books on your nightstand, or hundreds of eBooks in your Kindle, or audio files in your iPhone.

What does yours say about you as a person? Let’s dig in and find out.

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1. Which of the following statements best describe your reading habits?

A. Read one book at a time.

B. Read multiple books at a time. (You have a book by your nightstand, another in your living room, yet another in the bathroom, etc.)

C. Depends. Sometimes you read one at a time (if the book is really good). If it’s not that great (but you still want to find out what happens), you start rotating through multiple books at once.


2. When you finish the book you are currently reading, you will:

A. Head to the library or the bookstore (online or brick and mortar) in search of a new book.

B. Select a book from your TBR pile.

C. Go through your TBR pile, start to worry you may run out of books to read in that TBR pile, and head over to Amazon or Kobo to find another book to read.


3. When you happen upon a new and interesting book, you immediately:

A. Make a note in a little notebook to check it out when you’re ready for a new book.

B. Make a note on your phone or on an Excel doc to check out when you’re ready for a new book.

C. Download a sample chapter to check out when you’re ready for a new book.

D. Immediately buy it to add to your TBR pile.


4. Your TBR pile currently consists of:

A. What TBR pile? You only buy or borrow one book at a time. (After all, you can only read one at a time, so what’s the point of having a big pile of books sitting there?)

B. A few books (less than ten). Just enough to have one waiting for you when you finish the one you’re currently reading. (If you have more than that, it would be overwhelming.)

C. More books than you could ever possibly read in this lifetime, yet you keep adding to it because, every now and then, you wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat terrified you’re somehow going to run out of books to read.


5. Your favorite book format is:

A. Physical.

B. Kindle.

C. Any other eBook format OTHER than Kindle.

D. Audio.

E. All of the above.


If you checked mostly As: You’re likely detail oriented and well organized. You may also be a bit old fashioned, and a bit skeptical about all of this technology (maybe you even long for the days when a phone was JUST a phone and not a new body appendage).

If you checked mostly Bs: You have a healthy relationship with reading. Actually, you have a pretty healthy relationship with your life. You may even have mastered that elusive unicorn called “life balance.” You use technology thoughtfully to add value to your life without letting it take over.

If you checked mostly Cs and Ds (and E): Ahem.

‘Nuff said.


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20 thoughts on “Quiz: What Does Your TBR Pile Say About Your Personality?”

  1. William Klett

    Hello all! I am a Bookaholic!
    My Kindle has 4700+ titles alone, then there is Smashword, Wattpad, RoyalRoad, Webnovel, half are finished, a third unstarted, the remainder I put down, unlikely to ever touch again.

  2. Julie Blaskie

    I am definitely a Bookaholic! I have over 25,000 books on my Kindle for PC and about 600 on my Calibre program, and about 800 on my NOOK… plus bookshelves, boxes, and totes! 😀 I mainly read one at a time but devour them in a binge! IF a book I need to read as an ARC isn’t that great, I will read something else and try to get back into it. Even if I HATE the book, I read to the end in hopes of finding redemption – but usually, I still hate it… I just won’t review it. and… there are some books I love so much, I go back and reread them if I can’t decide what to tackle next in my TBR mountain range!ARCs help me make the agonizing decision!

  3. I have 15,000 books in Kindle with a steady rotation, most free. I have library books, borrowed books, loaned books waiting to come back… I love to read and have finally read so many I don’t always remember a story I have already read until I am partway into it and then may have fond recollections and finish reading it again. Plus, some books are definitely worth rereading as one matures. Maturity can also preclude ever reading some of the books one might have treasured before, such as the Dune series.

  4. Georgene Bramlage


    I am definitely a book alcoholic with no immediate plans to start recovery anytime soon.

  5. You’ve gotta have more than 10 books. Lounge and bedroom means 20-30 on each device plus about another 20 larger books in the “only when tbr is much too low” folder. I worry about having too many unread books – it’s unfair to them.
    I try not to be reading more than 3 books at a time – but sometimes 5 or 6.
    I’m partially controlled!!

    1. Michele Pariza Wacek

      I hadn’t thought about that but yes, it IS unfair to the books if you have too many unread ones. Now I have to take a fresh look at my own TBR pile.

  6. Hi There!
    I too, am a book nut. I don’t even have an idea how many books on my kindle. I do usually BUY Stephen King books as they are always popular,

    Thank you!!!

    1. Michele Pariza Wacek

      I’ve bought an awful lot of Stephen King books myself over the years, although I prefer his older books to his newer turn to more crime fiction.

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  9. I am an , ‘ahem’ , Bibliophile! I have books on Kindle paper white, Kindle on iPhone, Kindle Fire, iPad, Nook, Library books, paperbacks, Libby ebooks, on and on…I have no idea how many books I have or have read…Goodreads doesn’t have a way to add Audible books and I have a great list of those; purchased and wish list. I am afraid I am lost in books…please don’t find me!

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  12. I am a bookworm—I have so many books in TBR (over 2,000) that I will probably never get around to reading them all. I also have approximately 15,000 books on my Kindle App—read books on my iPad. Every time I see a new book from an author that I like, it is added to TBR. I read a lot of ARCs from several authors, but I have to space myself in reading the books. Usually, I can read around 2/week—depending on the length. If I really like the book, I will purchase the book after reading the ARC. I listen to audible books as well, but usually when I am driving or in between reading books—my list is growing with approximately 70 books. I purchased a bookcase to house all of the signed paperbacks that I have received from different authors.

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  14. I have been a bookaholic since age 9. Covid introduced me to Kindle and I love being able to adjust the text size.
    I read a lot of different genres.

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