What Bookworms Can Teach Us About Surviving (Even Thriving) During Global Pandemics

With most of us practicing some version of home quarantining and social distancing as the corona virus rages on, there is hope on the horizon.

Because the Bookworms are here to save us!

Yes, while all those extroverts are busy climbing the walls and making us all crazy with their constant texts and messages, Bookworms are busy staying calm and carrying on.

Here’s a list of all the things Bookworms know that can help you survive any quarantine period, no matter how extroverted you’re feeling.

This is why the Bookworms with inherit the earth. (Also what Bookworms can teach us about surviving global pandemics.) Share on X
  1. Books are your friends.


  1. You don’t have to worry about your book coughing or sneezing on you.


  1. Books can help you travel to all sorts of places without ever getting on a plane or worrying about getting stuck in a foreign country.


  1. Feel like partying? Grab a book! You’ll find lots of characters who are happy to party with you.


  1. And the best part? Those characters will never infect you with anything! (No social distancing required.)


  1. Books can also help you meet new people. No need to be lonely, just pick up a book and get ready to meet lots of new characters, err, friends.


  1. Books may also help out of a jam. Trying to find a solution to a problem? A book is on its way to the rescue!


  1. Books can also fill your house with beautiful sounds in case you can’t stand the quiet. Put your audio book on a speaker. Or just start reading it out loud. (You can even talk back to your book if you’re so inclined.)


  1. Books can keep you from being bored and sad and scared and fearful. Books can let you step into a different world in a different time and give you a much-needed break with what you’re currently dealing with.


  1. And if you need to reach something on the top shelf, books can help there too. All you need to do is pile them up and stand on them.

Now it’s your turn. What can Bookworms teach the rest of us about surviving (and thriving!) in a global pandemic.

2 thoughts on “What Bookworms Can Teach Us About Surviving (Even Thriving) During Global Pandemics”

  1. Loved the list of what bookworms can teach us. You forgot to mention that many books come with the author’s newsletter. It’s like a visit from a friend.

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