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“Mirror Image” Launches Tomorrow! (Plus The Story Behind The Story)

Lots of excitement here in PW land as we’re getting ready for the big launch of “Mirror Image.”

Mirror Image
Mirror Image

You can grab your copy right here.

And, just like “The Stolen Twin,” this novel has quite a backstory too.

It all started when I was a teenager and on a family vacation in New Hampshire. While there, we took an afternoon cruise on one of the local lakes, and that’s were the idea first came to me.

I first thought it was a short story, revolving around Elizabeth taking a lake cruise during a family vacation. (You can read a version of this short story in the novel — it’s one of the “Elizabeth” chapters.)

After I wrote it, I wasn’t really happy with it. Something felt off. Like it wasn’t complete. So, I made it longer and turned it into a novella — still with Elizabeth as the main character. Continue reading “Mirror Image” Launches Tomorrow! (Plus The Story Behind The Story)