Start the New Year with a New Release

What better way to start 2021 off than with a brand new book that was just released in 2020.

I’ve complied a list of new books from indy authors to check out, as it’s always fun to find a new fave author. (And, of course, I’ve included my two releases as well.)


It all started so innocently. Charlie only stopped in Redemption, Wisconsin, because she was lost.

She never meant to stay.

She never meant to fall in love.

She never meant to bring the danger she was running from into this wholesome midwestern town.

Except Redemption had some secrets of its own … and they were even more deadly than what she was trying to escape.


For the first time in her life, Charlie felt like she belonged.

She loved living in Redemption, Wisconsin. She had everything she ever wanted: a home, friends, a new business, a new love.

However, nothing is ever what it seems in Redemption. And you should never, ever, discount the darkness hiding under the surface.


A ruthless killer. A hidden plot. Will Cassidy dig up old secrets in time to save the one thing that matters?

Discover the web of secrets in Exposing Ethan, the latest mystery in the suspenseful Cassidy Kincaid series readers are comparing to Kendra Elliot and Willow Rose.


Buildings in this beautiful city by the ocean are being torched. Are the fires accidental – or the sinister work of a crazed arsonist?

A Sizzling Story with Sinister Suspects and Shrewd Sleuths that may keep you awake all night!


Royal blood is the key. And Zera’s is on the line.

Beyond the Red Forest…enter a paradoxical world where the boundaries between science and mysticism no longer exist.


A rebel double-crossed. A world fallen. And one relentless enemy who will not rest…

If you like action-packed science fiction adventure with undercover spies, ace pilots, special forces teams, wild battles, and a slow-burn romance, then this space opera is the book for you.


Luna Graves doesn’t believe in monsters. Too bad they believe in her.

Caught between the demands of her human life and her new calling, Luna must learn about a secret world that hides in plain sight before LA, and the world, are destroyed.


A missing girl.

Her confused family and friends don’t know what to think about her disappearance.

Zachary Goldman is on the case, and he is determined to find out what happened to Madison Miller and to bring her home safely.

No matter what.


Captain Kate Gazzara, suspended from duty and in danger of losing her job, is determined to find the answers and embarks on a one woman investigation deep into the heart of Appalachia. Within hours of her arrival in the tiny town of Loeb, Tennessee, she finds herself not only in danger of losing her job but also her life. Can she find the answers she needs?

What better way to start 2021 off than with a brand new book that was just released in 2020. Check it out to find your new fave. Share on X

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