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Author Spotlight: “Make Them Pay!” N. Gray

Today’s Author Spotlight is on N. Gray, who wrote The Package in the thriller anthology, Make Them Pay!

N. lives in Cape Town, South Africa with her hubby, daughter, and two fur babies. She’s an analyst and provider profiler for a medical insurance company during the day. At night, she types on her curved keyboard creating fictional characters some may love, and others you want to kill yourself.

For fun she paints, takes walks on the beach, and indulges in wine tasting since there are so many wine estates near her.

She writes in four genres: urban fantasy, thriller, horror and paranormal romance. There’s a series out in each but only recently dipped her toes in PNR.

Take it away N.!

Q: Tell us a little about your story in Make Them Pay!?

A: It’s about a mom who wants to earn money on the side, instead she ends up in trouble and has to find a way out. Luckily, she has help.

Q: What was the inspiration for your story?

A: After I wrote my Dana Mulder thriller series, I wanted to write something on her brother and his wife. The story is mostly about his wife who is a kindhearted soul who does everything for everyone else and not a lot for herself.

Q: When did you start writing and/or publishing?

A: I was about ten years old when I wrote my first short story on my mother’s typewriter. Then through the years I wrote stories, but was unsure of what to do with them. When I saw other authors publishing their own work, I decided to hit that publish button in 2017, and haven’t looked back since.

Q: Why thrillers?

A: Like so many others, I’m intrigued by the psyche of those who hurt others and the reasons why they do it. There’s so much one can write about and bring entertainment and awareness to readers. My stories are fast paced, the good guy wins, and there’s always a twist at the end.

Q: Who are your favorite thriller authors to read?

A: Ooh, I have so many. But my favorites are John Grisham, Gillian Flynn, James Patterson, and Patricia Cornwell.

Q: Were your friends or family members nervous hanging around you once they read one of your books?

A: Uh… Some of my friends joke about my books and can’t believe I have those kinds of stories in my head, but they still love me. I’ve asked my family not to read my books, and my daughter can read them after she turns eighteen.

Q: What’s your favorite non-reading, non-writing activity?

I love to paint and spend time at the beach.

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