Are you living in a Haunted House?

Quiz: Are You Living in a Haunted House?

Are you living in a Haunted House?

You may not know this, but I have an alter ego named Riley Longhill, and she’s a ghost hunter.

I’ve been visiting real haunted places all across the country as part of my research for Riley, and it’s been eye opening to say the least.

I’ve been amazed at how many people have told me about their ghostly encounters, as well as by the sheer amount of haunted places that exist in the U.S.!

So, it’s not out of the range of possibility that you ARE living in a haunted house! Right now!

But, how do you know?

Well, good news, I’ve got you covered. I’ve created a short quiz to help you determine if your house is just old, creaky, and groany … or if you have a ghostly tenant.

Ready? Let’s do this.

How can you be sure if you're living in a haunted house or not? Well, this quiz is perfect for you. Share on X

Circle all the statements that are true:

Someone died in your house (that you know of).

A tragedy happened in your house (that you know of).

You’ve seen things in the corner of your eye that, when you take a second look, don’t seem to be there.

You’ve had the distinct sensation you aren’t alone in your house, even though you know no one is there.

You’ve heard suspicious noises that don’t seem to have any rational explanation.

Your friends tell you they’ve seen or heard things that don’t seem likely.

You have friends who say they’ve felt uneasy in your house.

You have friends who refuse to visit you anymore because they’re not comfortable in your home.

You’ve taken pictures that have strange orbs or unexplained lights in them.

You’ve thought you heard voices, but no one is there.

You’re always losing things, even when you know you put something in a certain place; when you go to look for it, it’s not there.

Items seem to move around your house even though you don’t remember moving them.

You’ve awoken in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, sure there is a ghost in your room. (Becca, my main character in the Secrets of Redemption books, feels your pain here.)

Scoring: Count the number of statements you circled, and see below.

0-3 statements circled: You’re golden. No ghosts in your house. (Almost surely.)

4-6 statements circled: It’s probably nothing. Just an overactive imagination.


7-12 statements circled: I’m not saying you have a ghost problem, but it may not be a bad idea to invest in some ghost-hunting equipment. (Just to see what happens.)

13 statements circled: Call a psychic. And maybe an exorcist. Burn the sage.

Or learn to be happy living in a haunted house.

And, of course, make sure you check out how Becca dealt with living in a haunted house in my award-winning Secrets of Redemption Series.

(But, ghosts aren’t real, right? Is the house actually haunted? Or is something else happening?)

3 thoughts on “Quiz: Are You Living in a Haunted House?”

  1. Yes I Live in a Haunted House. OH YES I know we do. In the l870’s A doctor and his family lived here and his son shoot himself in the upstairs . Then the Sherlocks moved in and Mr. Sherlock was kill when his scarve got caught in the stairway. and Mrs. Sherlock lived to be 93 years old and passed away when She was trying to walk home from the nursing home 10 miles away. I have heard her call out to me to get up out of my bed and get moving. The lad upstairs walked back and forth in the bed room he died in. and the cats play with invisible cats in the house and you can feel them crawl up the bed and sleep by you.

    1. We lived in a wartime house, moved in the house 1946 first and only owners (sold 47 years later and torn down). Our neighbor told us that before the house was built a man committed suicide (or possible killed) on our property. We thought nothing more about it. Lived for 18 yrs in the house. My bedroom at one end, my parents & brothers bedrooms at the other end. I had always heard someone come through the house at night from my parents because after walking through, it would bump the kitchen table and 1 chair. It was quite loud as the chair hit. When my 4th brother was born we were in my parents’ room and heard the walking and bumping at the opposite end (my bedroom). In other words this “ghost” made quite a bit of noise in the night. Then they all said they’d heard it before going that way, I said no, it went the other way. We’d none of us mentioned it before that day. I do remember my cat was uneasy in the chair in the living room. It was an 800 sq ft house, we raised it when my youngest brother started to crawl and put bedrooms in the basement. The bump we had always heard stopped. My grandmother was psychic (truly) and she had always felt it when she visited. She actually felt when a relative who was a lineman was killed in a lightning storm while working on the wires. It was confirmed an hour later.

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