Ever Consider Living in a Haunted House?

Ever Consider Living in a Haunted House?

Ever Consider Living in a Haunted House?

Back in September, 2018, when I was promoting It Began With a Lie, my publicist had lined up some guest blog posts on high traffic fiction sites, and one of them, ISmellSheep.com wanted a fun, playful post.

I came up with the idea of a Haunted House real estate ad, which I had a lot of fun writing. I enjoyed it so much I posted it below, plus I came up with a sequel (below), which is Pros and Cons of Living In a Haunted House.

(Although, remember things aren’t as they seem in Redemption and maybe the house isn’t haunted after all …)


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[Seen in the latest copy of Haunted Real Estate…]

For sale: Historic, four bedroom, two and a half bath house (also known as the “Witch House”) on a huge, nearly two acre lot.

This over 100-year-old house is nestled on a very private corner lot, flanked by lonely rows of cornfields and a dark, easy-to-get-lost-in woods. It’s perfect if you hate having nosy neighbors watching over you.

But, having your privacy doesn’t have to mean you’ll be lonely! With not one but two documented ghosts, (well, maybe three if you count the previous owner, aka The Witch, but it’s not clear if she’s actively haunting the house or not), you’ll never lack company.

(And think of how much you’ll save on a security system! Who would rob a haunted house?)

Plus, only two ghosts and four rooms means there’s plenty of space for a family to spread out comfortably.

And, no haunted house would be complete without either an attic or a basement. The Witch House has both! Plus, a murder/suicide ghost story. Think of how popular you’ll be at cocktail parties with a tale like that up your sleeve.

But, it gets even better. The Witch House is located in a picturesque little town called Redemption. Don’t pay any attention to those stories about people disappearing without a trace. No one can prove anything.

Besides, even if someone DOES go missing, there’s a rugged, sexy cop who is more than happy to investigate for you. If he can’t get to the bottom of it … well, let’s just leave it at that.

I have no doubt he’ll uncover a perfectly logical, rational explanation for anything that seems … off. After all, ghosts aren’t real.


And, things never are as they seem in Redemption.

To schedule your very own personal guided tour so you can decide for yourself how haunted the Witch House is, contact Michele Pariza Wacek.

Pros and cons of living in a haunted house

Pros: You’ll never get lonely as you’ll never be (completely) alone.

Cons: It’s difficult to find some quality “alone time” when you’re craving it, as you’ll never know who (or what) is watching you…


Pros: You don’t have to wonder about what’s going on when you hear those “bumps in the night.”

Cons: Sometimes it’s possible to know TOO much.


Pros: You’ve got something other than your cat to blame for unexplained messes.

Cons: You find yourself cleaning up more than you’d like.


Pros: You don’t have to worry that you’re losing your mind because your belongings keep moving around and you don’t remember doing it.

Cons: You’re spending A LOT more time searching for your things.


Pros: You’ll be a hit at cocktail parties. Think of the stories you can share.

Cons: You may find yourself invited to a lot fewer cocktail parties.


Pros: Think of how much you’ll save on a security system!

Cons: Well …


The first two books of the “Secrets of Redemption” series are out! Here’s where you can check out It Began With a Lie (book 1) and This Happened to Jessica (book 2).

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