Which Supernatural Book Genre SHOULD You Be Reading?

Quiz: Which Supernatural Book Genre SHOULD You Be Reading?

Forget preference. This isn’t about what you PREFER to read and what you don’t.

This is about SCIENCE. (Not.)

I created a completely unscientific quiz that will reveal the perfect supernatural book genre best suited for your personality.

No more flailing about selecting books that simply “sound” like good books to read! Now, you’ll have a perfectly tailored reading list designed for your unique personality.

You’re welcome.

Let’s get started.

Did you know there are clues to your reading habits in your personality? No seriously! Take the quiz and see what you should be reading. Share on X

Question 1: A perfect day for you is:

A. Quietly exploring a big, old, dusty, creaky house.

B. Sleeping! There’s nothing better than sleeping all day and partying all night.

C. Any day not ending in a full moon.

D. Cooking big pots of interesting and helpful soups that are filled with lots of curious ingredients.

E. Camping in the woods, as far away from civilization as possible.


Question 2: When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A. A psychic.

B. A phlebotomist.

C. A zookeeper.

D. A fairy godmother.

E. A self-defense instructor.


Question 3: When you think of the future, your mind goes to:

A. The past. Because solving whatever happened in the past is the way to fix the future.

B. A long and solitary existence.

C. Going on a permanent safari.

D. Having anything you want, whenever you want.

E. Finally realizing your dream of being a survivalist and living completely off the grid in the most remote place imaginable.


Question 4: Your friends describe you as:

A. Someone who constantly shares the same story, over and over and OVER again.

B. A loner.

C. A little wild.

D. A charmer.

E. A good person to back you up in a fight.


Question 5: A dream date for you is:

A. A candlelit dinner in a big, old house. Maybe with an (invisible) organ playing in the background … from somewhere.

B. Drinking red wine and dancing all night.

C. Spending a day in a petting zoo before heading off to karaoke to sing your favorite song, “Walk on the Wild Side.”

D. A magical evening where you constantly feel like you’re walking on air.

E. Dating? You have too many trust issues to date.


If you selected mostly As, you should be reading Ghost stories.

Yes, you’ll love stories about ghostly hauntings and scary spooks and all things that go bump in the night.

I should be reading ghost stories! What should you be reading? Take the quiz and find out. Share on X

If you selected mostly Bs, you should be reading Vampire stories.

Whether it’s the romantic, troubled loner or the evil bloodsucker, vampires are totally your cup of tea (or glass of red wine).

I should be reading vampire stories! What should you be reading? Take the quiz and find out. Share on X

If you selected mostly Cs, you should be reading Werewolf stories.

Books full of teeth and claws and howling are just the thing to get your blood stirring. (Just stay inside during the full moon.)

I should be reading werewolf stories! What should you be reading? Take the quiz and find out. Share on X

If you selected mostly Ds, you should be reading Witch stories.

There’s nothing a little magic in your books won’t fix. The more spells, the better.

I should be reading witch stories! What should you be reading? Take the quiz and find out. Share on X

If you selected mostly Es, you should be reading Zombie stories.

The zombie apocalypse is upon us! Keep your axe handy.

I should be reading zombie stories! What should you be reading? Take the quiz and find out. Share on X

So what supernatural book genre should you be reading? Share in the comments below.

24 thoughts on “Quiz: Which Supernatural Book Genre SHOULD You Be Reading?”

  1. Hi, Michele! I guess, from your quiz, that I should be reading witch stories.

    Hmm…I’ve always enjoyed a good vampire novel, but I’ve also enjoyed books about magic, so I don’t know. Just give me a well written scary novel and I’m good. Hee hee

  2. I got ghosts, so true, I have had at least one ghost everywhere I have lived. I get a kick out of reading ghost stories, some are right on the money and others miss the mark so far it’s hilarious.lol 💋

  3. I guess I must read all the books. All 5 questions I answered was a different letter. I love reading. So I’ve got to get started now.

  4. All of them, apparently, as I got one of every letter, except for C that I got 2, and A, with none, so… *dies laughing* *runs to read ALL the books*

  5. My answers were all over the place and not any particular letter. So I should read them all —- but I do like ghost and witch stories!

  6. Bonnie-Jean Bennett

    3 D’s Witch which is correct 2 E’s zombies not so much. I read all assorts of books and so long as it’s well written I will enjoy them.

  7. I guess I technically had mostly C’s, but only because that was the only choice I got twice. I suppose that means I get to read everything. 🙂

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