Summertime Is The BEST Time For Reading

5 Reasons Why Summertime Is The BEST Time For Reading

Summertime Is The BEST Time For Reading

Okay, so yes, I’m clearly biased and definitely think ANY time is the best time for reading. That said, summer seems practically made for getting lost in a great book.

Let’s dig into five reasons why, now.

1. Summer is a time to pause.

If you look at the natural flow of a year—spring is about new growth and planting seeds, summer is about letting everything grow, autumn is about harvesting, and winter is about resting/hibernation—there is a definite pause in action during the summer.

If you’re a farmer, the last thing you want to be doing is digging up the seeds you just planted to see if they’re growing or not. Instead, it makes far more sense to pause, and let things grow and bloom.

And, what better activity to do while pausing than pick up a juicy book?!

2. Summer is a time to dream.

Because there’s a natural pause between the flurry of spring and autumn, it’s also a natural time to dream.

What do you want to harvest in the fall? What “seeds” (i.e. your dreams and goals) did you plant in the spring that you’re now waiting on to grow?

Books are all about dreaming. When you read a book, you enter a fictional world. You experience things that aren’t in your day-to-day life. So if you’re in the mood to dream, a book is your perfect companion.

3. Summer is a time to love.

Remember summer romances? As a teenager, out of school for the summer, what better time was there for a fling or romance than summertime?

Even if we’re not teenagers anymore, we’re still hardwired to pair summer and romance together. And, there’s no better way to capture those summer romance emotions than with a book.

4. Summer is a time to relax.

Summer is all about the heat! In some places, it’s way too hot to do anything other than sit under a tree, drink fresh lemonade (or maybe a gin and tonic), and read a good book.

Enough said.

5. Summer is a time to escape.

Between the natural pause of the season (i.e. allowing the seeds to grow) and the cultural pause of having kids out of school, summer is also a perfect time for vacations. And, if you’re going to hang out by the pool or on the beach, you need a book.


(I think this is a law, actually. And if I were you, I wouldn’t mess around with the book police.)

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