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Author Spotlight: “Make Them Pay!” Kes McDaniel

Today’s Author Spotlight is on Kes McDaniel, who wrote Sasquatch Hunting in the thriller anthology, Make Them Pay!

Kes writes action-packed crime thrillers and jumps at any excuse to find adventure: by land (traveling to 46 states and 17 countries), sea (scuba diving in 2 oceans and 1 sea), or air (zip-lining in 3 different countries).

She’s an Army veteran, where she learned to operate heavy equipment, which was useful when she and her husband built a four-story geodesic dome as owner/builders; started in 1995 with an expected finished date of 2030.

Take it away Kes!

Q: Tell us a little about your story in Make Them Pay!?

A: Being shot during a robbery is a total drag. When the robber is Sasquatch, it just adds insult to injury. Waking up discovering you’ve been robbed of your ID or service pistol takes misery to a whole new level.

Federal Agent Jake Daely faces a terrible choice: catch the mythical Bigfoot, or spend a solid week in administrative hell?

Jake hates paperwork.

Q: What was the inspiration for your story?

A: There is a lovely Bavarian town in Central Washington called Leavenworth. I couldn’t resist using it as a setting.

Q: When did you start writing and/or publishing?

A: I’ve been studying writing seriously for about five years, and have the pile of unpublishable manuscripts to prove it. March 2021 is my breakout year.

Q: Why thrillers?

A: I love action, and I love justice, even poetic justice. Thrillers seem a natural fit.

Q: Who are your favorite thriller authors to read?

A: John Sandford, Jane Harper, Jonathan Kellerman, J.D. Robb, Michael Connelly, Louise Penny, Ruth Rendell, Alan Bradley, how much space do I have here?

Q: Were your friends or family members nervous hanging around you once they read one of your books?

A: Not so far, but most of them don’t know I’m an author.

Q: What’s your favorite non-reading, non-writing activity?

A: Scuba diving, travelling, pretending I’m still 30 and have energy…

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