The Murder of Sleepy Hollow

“The Murder of Sleepy Hollow” Cover Reveal & Jigsaw Puzzle

It’s that time again! Time to reveal the new cover for The Murder of Sleepy Hollow, Book 5 in The Charlie Kingsley Mysteries, and we’re doing it with a puzzle!

And, if you really want to challenge yourself, try solving the puzzle without checking out the cover first. (No peeking!)

To move the pieces, all you have to do is click on a square, you don’t have to try and drag it over or move it. It will move itself when you click it.

And if you prefer a sliding puzzle, click here.

Here’s a sneak peek of The Murder of Sleepy Hollow:

Unfortunately for Ike Krane, his parents had a wicked sense of humor.

So, early on, he decided to embrace his challenges rather than run from them, which is how he become a ghost hunter and ended up visiting Redemption, Wisconsin.

The problem—trouble seems to follow Ike just as it did his fictional predecessor.

First, there’s the sound of a horse galloping down the neighborhood streets at night, even though there’s never a horse to be found.

Then, Ike’s on-again, off-again girlfriend Kat arrives with an urgent message for him.

But before she can deliver it, a journalist shows up, accusing Ike of murdering Abe … Kat’s former lover.

Surely, Ike can clear all of this up.

Except he’s disappeared.

And then, the journalist is found murdered.

And through it all, the sounds of endless galloping return, night after night.

Things definitely aren’t looking good for Ike, so it’s a good thing Charlie is there to get to the bottom of why a legend has seemingly come to life.

Meet Charlie. Better known as “Aunt Charlie” from the award-winning Secrets of Redemption series. She’s back, making teas and solving cases in this funny, twisty, cozy mystery series set in the 1990s in Redemption, Wisconsin.

It’s available for an Oct 28, 2022 release date, at which point it will be in Kindle Unlimited. Grab your copy here.

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  1. Great cover. I love all of the puzzles you provide us. This one was more challenging since the pieces were on top of each other. What a concept to get us excited about your next book. Keep it up, and thank you.

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