Murder Among Friends Word Search

“Murder Among Friends” Word Search Puzzle

Who wants to play a Murder Among Friends word search puzzle?

(No spoilers. Nor do you have to have read Murder Among Friends to play, although it’s always more fun, of course.)

A couple of hints on playing:

  • To “select” the word, click on the first letter, hold down the shift key, and select the last letter. If you’re right, the word will be highlighted in green.
  • It’s trickier than it looks as words can not only be diagonal but backwards.


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14 thoughts on ““Murder Among Friends” Word Search Puzzle”

  1. Just received your email loved thdpuzzle. I do these all the timeto help brain stay active since i am retired and spend mosft of my time alone. Love your books but eyesight failing

  2. Love wood search puzzles & do them whenever I come across one. This was a lot of fun to complete. Thanks & hopefully there will be more to come.

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