The Haunting of Hill House

Movie Review: The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix

“The Haunting of Hill House” is a Netflix series based on the novel by Shirley Jackson.

At least, that’s how it’s billed.

But, to be clear, the two are very different. They share the same title, the  same haunted house, some of the same character names but that’s about it.

In the Netflix version, the series revolves around an intriguing question:

What do you do if you find yourself flipping a haunted house …. especially if  you’ve already moved in with your five kids?

All your money would be tied up in the house, so moving out isn’t an option (unless you were willing to walk away from everything).

With no other income source, what choice would you really have?

That’s the dilemma the Crain family faces.

The Neflix version of The Haunting of Hill House” is billed as being based by the Shirley Jackson novel. The truth is a little different. My full review here. Share on X

The movie jumps back and forth in time between the young family living in Hill House and later in life, when the children are grown (and messed-up) adults. It’s more psychological thriller than horror, as there’s always a suggestion that perhaps the ghosts aren’t real after all, but are simple by-products of madness.

Which means it’s precisely the type of horror I love. Creepy but not gory, with lots of questions about what’s real and what’s not. The story and characters are excellent, as is the acting. A definite five stars.

Now, Netflix does refer to “The Haunting of Hill House” as a series, and this is the first season. Which is why I was surprised that the ending is pretty solid and satisfying. There are no cliff hangers.

So, what will season two be about?

Ah, well it appears Netflix is borrowing a page from “An American Horror Story,” and will be airing it anthology style. Season two will cover Bly Manor, which is the famous haunted house in “The Turn of the Screw” by Henry James. (Fun fact, Jackson used James’ novel as inspiration for “The Haunting of Hill House.”)

The only bad news is that we have to wait until 2020. (Grrrr.)

Well, at least I’ll be able to comfort myself by binge watching the last two seasons of Game of Thrones.

8 thoughts on “Movie Review: The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix”

  1. I think you can branch out as an author. Great review. And at a most appropriate time. I just caught up on all the new seasons added on Netflix to those I planned to watch more of. And alas, what’s next? And you gave me the answer.

    1. Michele Pariza Wacek

      Thank you Deb. I know, I was really trying to figure out the whole second season myself for this series, but I’m pretty excited to see what they do.

  2. I loved the movie “Haunting of Hill House”. It was good and the type of scary that was wickedly good. Can’t wait for more movies like this soon again.
    5 Star review from me. Epic movie.

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