Book Club Discussion Questions

Book Club Discussion Questions Perfect for Cozy Mysteries

Book Club Discussion Questions

A couple of years ago, I published a list of book club questions designed for psychological thrillers and mysteries. It was inspired by a question from a reader on Goodreads looking for book club questions specific to one of my books.

This post has turned into one of my most popular posts.

Since I’ve now started a cozy mystery series, I thought it would be helpful to also offer book club questions that are specific for cozies.

I included a couple of questions at the end that are specific to my books, along with an easy printable form you can download and bring with you to your next book club meeting–along with your snacks and a nice bottle of wine!)

(Oh, and if you’d prefer generic book club questions that can fit a variety of genres, you can find those here.)

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Book Club Questions for Discussion that are Perfect for Cozy Mysteries

1. What did you like most about the book?

2. What did you like the least?

3. What was the cozy trope or tropes? (I.e. baking, tea, pets, travel, crafts, etc.) How well did the author integrate the trope into the story? Would you have liked to see anything done differently?

4. If there was a paranormal element to the story, (for instance, this is a paranormal cozy) how was it used? Was it a metaphor for something else? (Many times, “undead” elements like ghosts, vampires, or zombies are metaphors for things that haunt us in our own lives.) Why or why not?

5. How well did the author integrate the mystery into the story? Was it an integral part or did it seem like an afterthought? What could the author have done better?

6. Were you able to figure out who the killer or culprit was? Why or why not?

7. Who was your favorite character? Why?

8. Who was your least favorite character? Why?

9. What was your favorite subplot?

10. If the cozy mystery takes place in a small town, what was your favorite part? Your least favorite? Why?

11. What three words would you use to best describe this book.

12. What was your favorite moment in the book? Your least favorite?

13. What do you think the purpose of this book was? What ideas or themes was the book trying to get across?

14. Did the main character grow or change in this book? How about in the series overall?

15. Was there another character other than the main character who grew or changed? Who was that character and how did that character transform the course of the book?

16. “Things are never as they seem.” This is one of my favorite themes. (Yes, even in my cozies!) Was there anything you initially thought was one way, but it turned out to be something else?

17. “Choose your own adventure.” Another of my favorite themes. You can choose to believe the supernatural element, or you can choose to accept the “realistic” explanation. Which did you choose to believe and why?

18. If you got the chance to ask the me as the author of this book one question, what would it be?

Here’s that link again to grab the easy printable form. And if you’re looking for some new cozy books to read for your book club, why not give the Charlie Kingsley Mysteries a try?

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